Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I've been crazy about Korean revenge thriller TV series City Hunter recently, and that is what I believe to be the reason behind my purchase of soju in Ministop today, after I've spotted the shiny green bottle and given a gasp of wonder. Who would ever think it's sold there? There was only one bottle left. Fancy that, I could pretend I'm having a drink in a pojangmacha with Lee Min Ho! :P

Once I arrived home (that is about 30 minutes ago) I shoved the bottle straight in the freezer to make it ice cold. Wonder how it tastes like. I need to sedate myself right now, after a long day at work and a meeting with my real estate agent. I have a shoot for a big client tomorrow, and it starts early in the morning. How convenient, this soju.

New FB game I'm playing: MyShops.

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