Thursday, March 10, 2011

free food

As a lot of people know, I bought a condo along Meralco Avenue (which at this time looks like a pile of dirt- haha! it's pre-selling kasi) and that has caused me to really scrimp and save every day on food. Fortunately I now live with my uncle in Antipolo and they always have something in the fridge I could scavenge on for packed lunch.

Talk about opposite sides of the spectrum. A few days ago I had fried chicken for my packed lunch and somebody sent us this large bucket of KFC, as an invite to our EIC who was in Korea at that time. So it was like, I ate chicken the whole day. I didn't want to eat my packed lunch anymore but of course, what a waste, right? So I just ate that when I got home.

And then right now, when I didn't bring any packed lunch because I didn't sleep in Antipolo last night after working until 11:30pm at the office (there is no FX ride to Rizal anymore by that time), I am munching away on free food, courtesy of MMPI bosses Hazel Santos / Suki Salvador!

Free food when I didn't need it, and free food when I did.

Thank you, bosses.

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ericdefelix said...

Here's my arm; your free stress reliever. :)