Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shoot with Solenn Heussaff

Now that the April issue has been out a few days I now wonder why I didn't write about the Solenn shoot. This shoot I particularly learned that I should, from now on, be REALLY careful how I act around models/celebs, especially high profile ones like Solenn.

That day, she got an eye bitten by a mosquito hence it was smaller than the other. For Photoshopping purposes I thought that I had to inspect the eye REALLY closely, and I did. Perhaps I could have done that more appropriately if I had asked her permission first before doing so, and I hadn't.

So it was kind of embarrassing for me when days later, Grace told me that Solenn had felt uncomfortable during that unwarranted eye inspection. And that she had talked about it with her stylist (who, I'm sure, has the the disposition to talk about it to more people the succeeding days).

Though, I would never have dreamt of doing such a thing if it weren't for that stupid mosquito anyway. I guess my eagerness to maintain the quality of the photographs in my magazine might unknowingly drive me to do inappropriate things. :(

Well there were a lot of other memorable stuff. Solenn I might say is really nice to work with. She didn't complain even if we had some particularly "nakakangalay" poses. She is just to easy to work with and moves really naturally like a pro. Understandable, because she already has done a lot of magazine covers already, she must have learned a lot along the way, and I guess Meg is lucky in that aspect.

It was also a breeze working with Doc Marlon Pecjo. Whenever we work with him I expect the shoot to be particularly fun. He is so quirky and chatty, sometimes the shoot just feels like playing. In this particular shoot it was amazing how he lit up the place. Solenn's only available time was pretty late, and it's a summer issue so understandably we had wanted a daylight shoot. But we shot at night and Doc just did what he could, and it wasn't bad! It turned out as bright as we had hoped.

As the readers know, we shot at the A.Venue Suites Hotel indoor pool, and it was like the sixth or seventh hotel my graphic artist Zanti and I visited for an ocular. We were hotel hoppers for more than a week.

So the Solenn shots came out pretty great. Though I can't say this is a super amazing cover, I mean it doesn't really stand out from the magazine stands. But it is a good cover and we have a beautiful girl gracing it this month :)

Thank you to all the faithful Meg readers! Watch out for our May issue! We are currently closing it, and it is just SUPERB!!!

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ericdefelix said...

You'll do better next time bibi.
At least you learned something. :D