Sunday, October 9, 2011

BluPrint Volume 5 2011

The latest BluPrint. Taal Basilica, the largest Catholic church in Southeast Asia. Fine Italian furniture. Art pages. And more. BEST WORK OF MY LIFE! GRAB A COPY NOW!

Sorry for not writing lately. I don't even know who my readers are. I've just been really obsessed with The Sims Social, as is obvious to my Facebook friends who check out my Wall sometimes, which is always full of The Sims Social game requests and such.

Do I really have 4,500 hits? I hardly even write anything. If I exert some form of influence over you dear readers, I would warn you about a certain church in Timog Avenue, Q.C. (I had been a former member years ago). They exercise the medieval process of excommunication, and make public announcements of members' sins- like, if it's incest and stuff. They will tell the whole congregation. I KNOW RIGHT? ISN'T IT JUST RIDICULOUS? I saw and heard everything with my own eyes and ears; this is true. No offense to members of that church who might be reading this; but I really do think you are into something ridiculous. And I know you don't even mind being thought of that way.

Anyway, this is a warning to all; you might get an invitation from that church sometime. BEWARE.


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