Monday, August 22, 2011

Addiction mode

I am SO ADDICTED to The Sims Social on Facebook. It's like, the reason why I get annoyed every time I have freelance work for my Uncle Happy after my regular work, and I have to sleep at Green Meadows because it's to scary to commute to Antipolo when it's late at night already - I would have no laptop in order to play my beloved game! (Of course, not that it's not generally delightful to sleep at Meadows, what stupid person doesn't like the food and the cable TV and the soft quilts?)

The reason why I like The Sims so much is the contrast between MENIAL TASKS and actually playing GOD in the game- you control the every-day life of the Sim.

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ericdefelix said...

Would you be annoyed if someone, like me, invited you for dinner after work? :D